Welcome to the All New Butler Public Library Staff Blog!

Starting today, November 4th, the Butler Public Library staff will be starting a brand new staff blog! What does that encompass, you ask? We will be making different posts/articles/lists of all sorts, and the many topics we will cover include:

  • Staff Profiles
  • Books of the Week/Month
  • What Our Staff is Reading
  • ‘This Week in History’ and related library materials
  • Poem of the Week
  • Seasonal Reading Lists
  • Hometown History/Business Spotlight
  • Timely Topics/Current Events Book & Movie Lists
  • End-Of-Year Most Popular Books
  • Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

We will publish posts on a weekly basis, and each week will be different–some weeks we will have two or three posts, while others we might have more or less. There will always be at least one weekly post (‘This Week in History’), and it will contain numerous book and movie recommendations. So, if you’re looking for reading or watching recommendations, local information/history, profiles of the staff who keep the building up and running, or articles to read to help pass the time, check out the blog for all this and more!