This Week in History: November 22nd-28th

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This Week in History

  • November 22nd
    • 1963- President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. (United States)
    • 1995- The first feature-length film created entirely with CGI (Toy Story) opens. (United States/World)
    • 2005- Angela Merkel becomes the first woman ever to be Chancellor of Germany. (World)
  • November 23rd
    • 1889- First University of Wisconsin Football game is held. (Wisconsin)
    • 1945- Wartime meat and butter rationing ends in the U.S. (United States)
    • 1963- The first episode of Doctor Who airs in Great Britain. (World)
  • November 24th
    • 1824- Frederick Miller, Beer Barron of Miller Brewing fame, is born in Germany. (Wisconsin)
    • 1859- Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species. (World)
    • 1971- Hijacker and ‘criminal mastermind’ D.B. Cooper parachutes out of a plane over Washington State. (United States)
  • November 25th
    • 1783- The last British soldiers on American soil leave from New York City after the end of the American Revolution. (United States/World)
    • 1986- Iran-Contra connection revealed. (United States)
    • 2016- Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dies. (World)
  • November 26th
    • 1838- The Wisconsin State Legislature assembles in Madison for the first time. (Wisconsin)
    • 1922- Archaeologists enter the tomb of King Tut in Egypt.
    • 2008- Ten gunmen, believed to be part of a Pakistan-based terrorist organization, launch a series of coordinated attacks in Mumbai, India that ends three days later with at least 174 people dead.
  • November 27th
    • 1095- Pope Urban II orders the first Crusade. (World)
    • 1882- The Ringling Brothers’ first performance is staged in Mazomanie, WI. (Wisconsin/United States)
    • 1924- Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held for the first time in New York City. (United States)
    • 1978- Harvey Milk is assassinated in San Francisco. (United States)
  • November 28th
    • 1520- Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Pacific Ocean through what would become known as the Straits of Magellan, becoming the first European colonizer/explorer to reach the Pacific from the Atlantic. (World)
    • 1925- The Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting. (United States)
    • 1994- Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in prison. (United States)

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