This Week in History: February 28th – March 6th

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This Week in History

  • February 28th
    • 1953- The chemical structure of DNA is discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick. (United States/World)
    • 1993- The ATF raids the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. (United States)
    • 2013- Pope Benedict resigns from the papacy. (World)
  • March 1st
    • 1872- Yellowstone National Park is established as the world’s first national park. (United States/World)
    • 1932- Charles Lindbergh’s baby is kidnapped from a bedroom in their home, only to be discovered dead a few days later. The man convicted and executed for the crime two years later, Bruno Hauptmann, was found guilty on extremely flimsy evidence.(United States)
    • 1936- The Hoover Damn is completed on the Colorado River at the Arizona/Nevada border. (United States)
  • March 2nd
    • 1807- Congress abolishes the international African slave trade, but not trade within the states. (United States)
    • 1877- Rutherford B. Hayes is declared the winner of the disputed U.S. presidential election of 1876 after a special Electoral Commission awards him all contested electoral votes. Widely regarded by historians and scholars as an illegitimate victory, Hayes was awarded the presidency in exchange for a guarantee to withdraw federal troops from the South, which effectively ended Reconstruction and allowed for the rise of Jim Crow. (United States)
    • 1962- Wilt Chamberlain scores an NBA record 100 points in an NBA game. (United States)
  • March 3rd
    • 1845- Congress overrides presidential veto for the first time over the protests of President John Tyler. (United States)
    • 1931- The Star-Spangled Banner is officially adopted as the national anthem of the United States by act of Congress. (United States)
    • 1991- LA police officers brutally beat Rodney King following a traffic stop. Despite the assault being videotaped by random witness, the policemen were acquitted in 1992, causing large-scale rioting in the city. (United States)
  • March 4th
    • 1789- The U.S. Government effectively begins under the U.S. Constitution, with the first session of Congress held in New York City. (United States)
    • 1933- FDR is augurated for the first for four presidential terms. (United States)
    • 1952- Ernest Hemingway completes the novel The Old Man and the Sea, which would help him win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. (United States/World)
  • March 5th
    • 1770- The Boston Massacre occurs on this day, where British troops opened fire on a mob harassing them and kills five American colonists, an event that galvanizes anti-British feelings leading up to the American Revolution. (United States/World)
    • 1946- Winston Churchill delivers his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in Fulton, Missouri. (United States/World)
    • 1953- Joseph Stalin, leader of the USSR since 1924, dies at the age of 74. (World)
  • March 6th
    • 1857- One of the most notoriously awful U.S. Supreme Court cases, Dred Scott v. Sanford, is decided, which further inflames tensions in America over the issue of slavery. (United States)
    • 1899- Bayer patents aspirin, one of the most important drugs ever created in human history. (World)
    • 1964- Boxer Cassius Clay changes his name to Muhammad Ali, which was given to him by his spiritual mentor, Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam. (United States)

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