COVID-19 Library Service FAQs

Why are the Library hours shortened? 

We plan to slowly work back up to normal hours of service. The timing depends on how library staff will be able to manage the number of patrons, maintain a clean space for everyone, and the current public health circumstances.  

Why are the Library doors locked? 

The doors remain locked so staff can monitor the number of people in the building, with everyone being able to maintain a social distance of 6 feet apart.  

Will I be able to browse the stacks?

Yes, but we ask that you respect the amount of time spent in the library if others are waiting to enter.  

How do I pick up my holds? 

Curbside service is still available. You can call the library to schedule a pick up time once you are notified your holds are in. Or, you may come to the circulation desk to pick up holds and check out items as you normally would.  

Will I be able to stay in the library to read or work? 

Not at this time. Tables and chairs have been removed from common areas.  

Will the newspapers be available? 

Not at this time. 

What if I need more than 30 minutes on the computer? 

Contact library staff. Extensions may be given depending on availability and number of patrons in the building.  


Your Library staff is here to assist our patrons in any way we can. Please call the Library at 262-783-2535 during business hours of 12-5 Mon-Thurs, and 12-3 on Fridays with any questions or needs you may have.