Electronic Sign Public Comment Project

Project: Electronic Sign Public Comment

Strategic Goal #3 (2021-2023 Goals): We will align Library services and technology with community and business needs/requests as much as possible.


Library staff face a constant challenge when marketing library services and programs to our patrons and the community. That challenge involves making sure all citizens, even those without regular electronic communication channels, can be fully aware of what our Library has on offer. One way to increase our ability to communicate to all would be through an electronic sign on our Library property. Currently, we know that a sign could cost upwards of $38,000 to purchase and install.


To determine if our community and our library patrons would support the fund-raising needed for, as well as the purchase of, an electronic sign for our Library.

We need to find out:

  • Do patrons and taxpayers see the value of having an electronic sign?
  • Are they interested in us having such a sign for the cost?
  • Do they support the idea of our Library having its own sign? (Versus one that the Village plans for,         that we might have limited access to.)
  • Other considerations, to be determined.

This is Step 1 of our efforts. Once we obtain sufficient support from the community and our patrons, additional work will be required to plan for fund-raising, to obtain the funds, and then to determine the best plan for the sign itself, as well as getting quotes from sign companies. In addition, we need to communicate and collaborate fully with the Village Board to get the best outcome possible.


The project can be considered complete when the Library Board has gathered, consolidated, and reported input on the question of an electronic sign from as many library patrons and members of the community as is possible to reach.


At least one from the Library staff

One or more from the Library Board

One or more from the Friends of the Library

One or more from the community at large

This project can be done as a part of a larger community input gathering effort planned for 2022.


Date: Tuesday, 5 October 2021