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Job Listing for Butler Public Library Director

Seeking a person who enjoys working with people, can manage a budget, and is passionate about libraries!

Butler, Wisconsin is looking for a new Director for our much-loved small-town library. This 25 hour/week position comes with an experienced staff, a supportive Board of Trustees, and patrons who treat the library as a Village treasure. Our active Friends group provides ongoing support for special programming and community outreach. Our library focuses on service to our patrons and strives to create a welcoming experience for readers of all ages.

Salary range (depending on experience) is $18 – $21/hour and includes paid vacation, holidays, sick time, and retirement contributions. Priority will be given to applications received by March 30, 2022.

We are looking for a candidate with strong customer service skills, efficient leadership, and comfort managing expenses in collaboration with the Board of Trustees. A good business background is desirable, and experience with libraries is not required. However, Library Director Certification must be completed within three years, unless the candidate has a master’s degree in Library Science. The Board of Trustees does reimburse for a successfully completed Certification.

The Village of Butler, home to 1800, is conveniently located in northeast Waukesha County, near a main north-south interstate, Highway 41. This location combines small town living with easy access to major culture and educational resources in Milwaukee.

Intrigued? Send questions to BoardPresident@Butler.Lib.WI.US

Call 414-429-4162 for help with the online form. If submitting the hard-copy application, send it and your resume to BoardPresident@Butler.Lib.WI.US.

Job Title: Butler Public Library Director

Job Summary: Under the direct supervision of the Butler Public Library (Wisconsin) Board of Trustees, the Library Director is responsible for the operations of the library and the development and implementation of its service program, including:

  • Designing and implementing services and programs for users of all ages
  • Collaborating with the Library Board to develop and carry out strategic planning
  • Managing all library resources, including staff and budget
  • Organizing the acquisitions, access, storage, and control of collections
  • Overseeing the maintenance and safety of the library building and grounds

The library director hires and supervises all staff, including librarians, assistants, substitutes, and volunteers who work in the library.

I. Specific Responsibilities

Service and Service Promotion

  1. Direct the development of an array of service programs to address the various needs of users and to make the library more accessible to all.
  2. Provide friendly and efficient direct assistance to users checking out materials, requesting directional or community information, or seeking materials or information on specific topics.
  3. Oversee preparation of news releases and submissions to the media to announce new or special services and events that spotlight the library.
  4. Assist and guide local volunteer groups (e.g., Library Friends) who wish to help with library promotion, fundraising, and enhancement of services.
  5. Work with Board members, staff, and/or Friends to prepare grant applications, when grant opportunities are offered, to supplement local funding of library operations and development.
  6. Oversee records showing all programs offered and number of attendees at each program.
  7. Continually investigate the value, costs, and planning needed to add library services, new media, and modern technologies to keep the library current and proactive in its service provision to the public.
  8. Oversee ongoing evaluations of existing library programs, services, policies, and procedures, and submit recommendations for improvements to the library board.

Administrative Services

  1. Serve as the library’s executive officer.
  2. Serve as the technical adviser to the board.
  3. Implement the policies of the library as established by the board.
  4. Prepare the draft of the annual library budget for board discussion and approval.
  5. Participate in the presentation of the adopted budget to local officials.
  6. Receive and expend library funds according to established guidelines and maintain accurate and up-to-date records showing the status of library finances.
  7. Recruit, select, hire, supervise, evaluate, and terminate, if necessary, library staff in conformity with library policy and state and federal law (and any applicable local civil service regulations and/or union contracts).
  8. Working with the Library Board President, prepare agendas, reports, and other documents to create a meeting packet, and ensure board members are notified of scheduled meetings.
  9. Prepare state annual report for review and approval by the library board.
  10. Inform and advise the library board as to local, regional, state, and national developments in the library field, and work to maintain communication with other area libraries and the library system.

Collection Management

  1. Select or direct the selection of materials for all media and all age groups, based on the library’s approved collection development policy.
  2. Catalog or direct the cataloging and classifying of library materials according to accepted standards and maintain the public catalog.
  3. Oversee or direct the processing of materials to provide appeal, protection, and control.
  4. Oversee or direct a regular weeding schedule.
  5. Periodically review the collection development policy and make recommendations to the library board for revisions.
  6. Oversee or direct the shelving and organization of materials.
  7. Oversee or direct the preparation and distribution of overdue notices to users with overdue or lost materials.
  8. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of user registrations and activities, including information adequate to support reimbursement requests for non-resident borrowing.

Facilities Management

  1. Oversee care and maintenance of the library building and grounds by the Village Department of Public Works and volunteers.
  2. Coordinate with Department of Public Works to review building maintenance needs and advise the board.
  3. Work with experts to assess the adequacy of existing facilities regarding the provision of automated services.

II. Essential Functions and Knowledge

  1. Excellent interpersonal skills
  2. Ability to effectively communicate ideas and information in both verbal and written form
  3. Ability to work with governing boards, community groups and elected officials, and make presentations to them
  4. Knowledge of public library philosophy, principles, and procedures which will allow effective recommendations to the board and sound decision making when faced with a wide range of circumstances
  5. Ability to supervise staff and volunteers and delegate responsibility in an effective manner
  6. Ability to read and comprehend print information, including technical, statistical, and financial information
  7. Ability to locate and retrieve library materials in a variety of formats throughout the building, as well as from remote locations through networks including the Internet
  8. Ability to assist patrons with location and retrieval of materials or information by title, subject, and interest of library patrons
  9. Knowledge and ability to perform basic computer operations and troubleshoot problems, and to manage an automated circulation system and access external data bases
  10. Ability to understand and implement instructions and directions
  11. Ability to establish and maintain proper priorities and meet deadlines
  12. Ability to work within a confidential environment
  13. Ability to produce and maintain accurate files and reports
  14. Ability to use video equipment and online meeting software
  15. Ability to use and manage office equipment
  16. Ability to lift to forty pounds on a frequent basis (e.g., to retrieve books from book drop, unload interlibrary loan materials, accept delivery shipments of new materials, shovel snow when needed, and assist patrons with building evacuation in an emergency)
  17. Ability to work hours and assignments as required by the library board

III. Required Education, Certification, and Experience

A minimum of 54 college semester credits, with at least 27 of these in the liberal arts and sciences.  Bachelor’s degree or MLIS preferred but not mandatory.

Grade 3 Wisconsin Public Librarian Certification or willingness to begin and complete Certification after hire date.

Experience in managing a small public library or similar service institution, with responsibilities for staff and budget. Experience with Polaris and the Bridges Library System a plus but not required.

IV. Hours and Salary

Part time: averaging 25 hours / week; 1,300 hours / year

Salary Range: $18.00 – $20.00/hour

Six-month probation period

Send questions to BoardPresident@Butler.Lib.WI.US

Call 414-429-4162 for help with the online form. If submitting the hard-copy application, send it and your resume to BoardPresident@Butler.Lib.WI.US.