Help Butler Public Library build our collection!

Would you like to add to Butler Public Library’s collection by adding a book, a DVD, a graphic novel, a favorite children’s book, or other important item? We have a way for you to send a gift from yourself, or in honor of another.

Over one million books are published each year. And that is just the books! Other items that are a part of the library’s collection are also made available – magazine, journals, DVDs, to name a few. Butler Public Library adds about 1800 new items each year. This keeps our collection relevant and up to date. Our patrons, however, are always seeking more. Sadly, we cannot respond to all the “wishes” from our patrons. This fact gives you have an opportunity to help.

One way is to order through To do this you can order an item from one of our wish lists (shown below).

When you order, you have two delivery options:

1.) Order an item to be shipped directly to Butler Public Library.

  • When you use the attached wish list links, you will be able to select Butler Public Library as the shipping address.
  • Once you pay for the item, it will be shipped directly to the Library where it will be made available for you – and others – to borrow

2.) Order the item to be shipped to you

  • Use the attached wish list links, and have the item shipped to you
  • Once you have enjoyed the item, turn it over to the Library as a donation. (In good condition, please.)

As a thank you, we can recognize your donation with a name plate in the book.

Smile! When you order please use to place your order and select Friends of the Butler Library Inc (location: Butler, WI) as your charity to support. Amazon will contribute a percentage of your purchase to the library. If you have questions about how to select a charity on, please contact the Library at 262-783-2535.

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